Prentiss Riddle

Prentiss Riddle

MS in Information Studies
School of Information, the University of Texas at Austin
completed August, 2007

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Resume: PDF Word
IAlog: A naïf among the information architects.
Aprendiz de todo: A maze of twisty little weblogs all alike.


INF 180J: Intro to Information Studies
INF 382C: Understanding and Serving Users
INF 384C: Organizing and Providing Access to Information
INF 385E: Information Architecture I
INF 385F: Information Architecture II
INF 385K: Human Information Interaction
INF 385P: Intro to Usability
INF 385Q: Knowledge Management Systems
INF 385T: Information Retrieval
INF 387C: Managing Information Services and Organizations
INF 388L: Capstone Project
INF 397C: Intro to Research
CRP 386: Intro to Geographic Information Systems
CRP 396: Independent Research in Geographic Information Systems

Selected student work

"Mueller Fever: An Online Community for the Mueller Redevelopment Project in Austin, Texas" (Capstone project, 2007)
poster (11 Mb PDF), website:

"mVite: Viral Marketing to Recruit Small Businesses to the Mueller Neighborhood" (IA 2, 2007) PDF

"Second Life OS: A Sketch" (Human Information Interaction, 2007) PDF

"Wireless Use in Austin Public Libraries: A Geospatial Analysis" (Intro to GIS, 2006) PDF

"OpenChoice: Information Architecture of an Open Web Filtering System" (IA 1, 2006)
presentation, prototype website

"Taxonomies and Classification for Organizing Content" (IA 1, 2006) presentation

"Tags: What are They Good For?" (Knowledge Management, 2005) PDF


"The Six Dirty Secrets of Tagging," Tagging 2.0 panel, South By Southwest, March 2006: summary, slides, podcast

"Cultural Models Considered Harmful," Collaboration in International Communities panel, South By Southwest, March 2008: PDF