SXSW Interactive 2008 endorsements: Go Team Portugal!

The annual geek popularity contest is underway as SXSW has opened up the voting in their SXSWi 2008 Panel Picker.

This year I was wise enough not to overcommit by proposing a panel myself, but I do have some horses in the race. I’m presently working on the UT Austin – Portugal CoLab, a large project bringing together various UT departments with their counterparts at universities in Portugal (about which I’ll blog more another time). As part of that project I’ve had the pleasure of helping a number of Portuguese digital media researchers craft proposals for SXSW. The Portuguese are excited about Austin and I’m excited about these panels: I think they bring much-needed international perspectives to Interactive, which in contrast to Music and Film has always been very US-centric. I hope you’ll consider giving them your votes.

Beyond Thumbs and Cursors: Innovative Physical Interfaces

Digitally Communicating Dance

Musical Freedom Just Down the Road

‘Redrum in the Rue Morgue’: Collaboration in International Communities

Virtual Scandals and Sacrilege: Who’s grieFing Now?

I’m particularly proud that the griefing panel is the first to my knowledge to use the phrase “feces-spewing obscenity” in a proposal abstract. :-)

Beyond the Portuguese invasion I find myself voting most enthusiastically for topics that relate to geography: mapping, hyperlocal communities, localization, and location-based gaming. I want to vote against anything with a “2.0″ or god forbid “3.0″ in the description, but alas, there is no negative voting. Hugh Forrest confirms that not voting is the same as giving 0 stars and that 1 star beats 0 stars. I think I see his point (why should I be able to interfere with someone else’s expression of interest in a topic?), but dammit, I want the pleasure of a good backlash!

Finally, a fanboy shout out to the personalities I most want to see on stage this year:

Christian Crumlish on Online Identity and Design Patterns

George Kelly on Roll Over Gutenberg, Tell McLuhan The News

Charlene McBride on Mr. Cranky Customer: The Forgotten Persona

Glenda Sims on Global Design: Web Sites for the World

Rashmi Sinha on True Stories from Social Media Sites

Apologies to anybody I overlooked in the 683 proposals. See you in March!

Searchable panel schedule for SXSW 2007, now with Conferenceer goodness

Like last year, the SXSW Interactive panel schedule isn’t searchable and the panelist bios don’t link back to their panels.

I’ve addressed that by hacking together a searchable SXSW Interactive 2007 schedule. It’s “searchable” in that it’s one big web page in which you can cmd-F/ctrl-F to your heart’s content.

searchable SXSWi 2007 panel schedule

And just for grins, I’ve added links for each panel to the corresponding page in Jacob Patton’s Conferenceer site. Now if Conferenceer only talked to Upcoming’s list of SXSWi sideshows.

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SXSWi 2007 panel selection begins

SXSW has announced the beginning of public input to the selection of panels for SXSW Interactive 2007. Visit their panel picker to vote for your favorite 10 among the 173 panel proposals received so far.

It’s a hard choice. I counted 40 panels that I would really like to hear and, to complicate matters, eight of the panels were proposed by friends. I’m not going to disclose my vote, but I will say that of the many panels on social networks the top of my list is the excellent Rashmi Sinha’s The New Social Networks and Massively Multiplayer Online Sharing. I’m glad to see Jon Lebkowsky and Liz Henry addressing the dearth of international perspectives at SXSWi with their panels on Blogging Where Speech Isn’t Free and Blogging Across Cultures, Countries, Languages. (Why is it that the SXSW music festival scours the earth for bands from places you’ve never heard of but Interactive still acts as though the web were an English-only club?) I hope Carrie Bickner’s fresh approach in her panel Preserving our Digital Legacy and the Individual Collector gets some votes despite the usual indifference to digital preservation. And of course I must endorse the contrarian stance of Christian Crumlish’s You’re It! Tagging is So Over! It’s the People, Stupid! (Does he mean that in the sense of Soylent Green?)

This is just round 1, in which previous panelists were invited to submit their proposals. Another round open to first-timers is supposed to be announced soon.

SxSWi warmup: Austin IA cocktail this Thursday

If you can’t wait for the schmoozefest that is SxSWi to begin, here’s a warmup:

What: Austin Information Architecture Cocktail and Networking Event
When: Thursday, 3/10/2005, 6:00-8:00 PM
Where: Vivo Cocina, 2015 Manor Rd.
Who: Everyone is invited. Sponsored by the UT Austin student chapter of ASIS&T.

As for SxSWi itself, don’t forget to read David Nunez’s essential guide.