Moleskine reskinned

Moleskine, the delightful outboard brain which inspired the current logo for this blog, is being repackaged — fortunately not the notebook itself, just its presentation in a retail setting. There are, however, two new formats: one with musical staffs and one with little rounded rectangles for storyboarding.

But this post isn’t about Moleskine gossip. It’s about the fascinating presentation by Leftloft which explains in detail the reasoning behind Moleskine’s new retail look.

Fascinating, but frustrating, too, because one of its most intriguing illustrations (coincidentally reminiscent of my logo!) is misleadingly devoid of content.

Moleskine uses

I thought the functions on the right would show some insight into why Moleskine offers the particular varieties of notebook listed on the left. But if you believe this image, you can think only with the squared Moleskine, create only with the plain, and write only with the ruled.

This graphic makes me sad.

One thought on “Moleskine reskinned

  1. Haha. That’s pretty funny. I re-read this entry (with renewed interest) after recently figuring out what a moleskine was. Diagrams like this make you really wonder what the marketers were thinking. Are they banking on the fact that the vast majority of ad-observers rarely grok in fullness their material? It seems they risked a lot, potentially alienating anyone with the depth perception to see something else, namely linear, counter-creative associations.

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