Second Life OS

So the prof has us brainstorm in class about a "new and different" OS metaphor. I take the bait and throw out Second Life OS. Then he tells us we have to prototype it by Tuesday! Why oh why didn’t I stick with Google OS, which would just be a search box?

SecondLife OS

The fellow in the middle is Caspar David Friedrich, patron saint of POV. I have to say I do like the “reminder flies” buzzing around his head. I wanted to create a really annoying Twitter avatar but being short on time I used a flaming Adium bird instead. (Click through for more notes and larger images.)

Some features: Objects/files are placed in the virtual landscape, in clusters which may be the analogue of “folders”. Other users’ interactions with shared objects are visualized spatially, like the angel reading a PDF in the lower right. The level of animation detail for objects can range from traditional static icons through vanilla widgets (upper left) to biomorphic widgets like the reminder flies and full-blown avatarbots like the Adium bird.

P.S. I know that a Second Life OS is far too obvious to be an original idea. Not only is there plenty of prior art from the earliest days of VR, but it turns out that Scoble says Second Life already is an OS.

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