SXSWi 2007 panel selection begins

SXSW has announced the beginning of public input to the selection of panels for SXSW Interactive 2007. Visit their panel picker to vote for your favorite 10 among the 173 panel proposals received so far.

It’s a hard choice. I counted 40 panels that I would really like to hear and, to complicate matters, eight of the panels were proposed by friends. I’m not going to disclose my vote, but I will say that of the many panels on social networks the top of my list is the excellent Rashmi Sinha’s The New Social Networks and Massively Multiplayer Online Sharing. I’m glad to see Jon Lebkowsky and Liz Henry addressing the dearth of international perspectives at SXSWi with their panels on Blogging Where Speech Isn’t Free and Blogging Across Cultures, Countries, Languages. (Why is it that the SXSW music festival scours the earth for bands from places you’ve never heard of but Interactive still acts as though the web were an English-only club?) I hope Carrie Bickner’s fresh approach in her panel Preserving our Digital Legacy and the Individual Collector gets some votes despite the usual indifference to digital preservation. And of course I must endorse the contrarian stance of Christian Crumlish’s You’re It! Tagging is So Over! It’s the People, Stupid! (Does he mean that in the sense of Soylent Green?)

This is just round 1, in which previous panelists were invited to submit their proposals. Another round open to first-timers is supposed to be announced soon.

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