Faceted tagging in the wild

Sara Brumfield and I were talking about tagging as a possible feature in her web-based wardrobe management system Dressr. I suggested she look into faceted tagging a la mefeedia and she pointed out that another fashion site, etsy, already has it. Etsy has one bucket of general tags and a separate bucket specifically for materials. Nice!

Looking around, I see that Emanuele Quintarelli has written about etsy’s other innovative features in the context of faceted classification.

So — how many other web 2.0 apps out there use faceted tagging? By which I mean separate categories of tags for distinct aspects of the items being classified.

3 thoughts on “Faceted tagging in the wild

  1. Good catch, Prentiss.

    I’ve started using LibraryThing recently, and have noticed that it has a few parallel tag (and taxonomy) schemes going. Books get the usual crop of tags, plus separate Dewey and LC call number fields, and the LC categories are imported so you can see those while you’re doing your own tagging.

    Out of the box, the Drupal CMS has the capability of doing faceted tagging, which it calls quite confusingly “taxonomy”. I’m still trying to bend my mind around all that.

  2. one more to think about …

    It’s possible with Movable Type to have more than one kind of category – you end up with more than one linked blog, and you use the entries in one blog to define the category names in the other. Kind of messy, but it works.

  3. delicious has a limited, implicit facet by media type; if you tag a URL containing a video or audio track, it becomes discoverable using the system:whatever tag automatically.

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