11+1 ways to back up del.icio.us

The Backup del.icio.us blog counts 11 ways to back up your del.icio.us bookmarks but forgot to mention Flock.

Flock is a new open-source browser that uses a social bookmarking service like del.icio.us or Shadows to store your favorites instead of keeping them on your desktop. And if you switch services, Flock copies your favorites from one service to the other.

The list does kindly mention that Shadows can import your del.icio.us bookmarks directly as well.

4 thoughts on “11+1 ways to back up del.icio.us

  1. Hi Prentiss,
    I’m exploring shadows & flock; wondering if you’ve tried to have flock sync with both shadows and delicious… Have you migrated to shadows and away from delicious or are you still using both?
    michaelm I

  2. great tag Prentiss.

    Now, if there’s a way for Shadows to export to del.icio.us?
    Right now I still use del.icio.us and the only thing keeping me from using shows full time is this feature.
    Looking for a way to import not just the bookmarks from del.icio.us but the structure and categories as well.

  3. Michael, last I checked Flock made you choose one bookmarking service at a time. When you switch it migratesyour tags for you.

    Paul, I haven’t tried it but the Flock method should work in the opposite direction as well: tell Flock that Shadows is your preferred bookmarking site, then tell it you’ve decided to switch to del.icio.us.

    Note that Flock is beta software. I’d probably experiment with throwaway accounts on both systems before I tried to migrate bookmarks I cared about.

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