Searchable panel schedule for SXSW Interactive 2006

For some reason the Interactive panel schedule at isn’t searchable and the panelist bios don’t link back to their panels. The pages don’t have meaningful <title> tags so you can’t even conveniently Google for them.

To address that problem I’ve whipped up a searchable schedule in one-page HTML, Excel and tab-separated text formats. Use cmd-F or grep to look up panelists to your heart’s content.

And for the tag-minded among you, I’ve included links to the Shadows tags for each speaker.

Tagging 2.0 at sxsw2006

One thought on “Searchable panel schedule for SXSW Interactive 2006

  1. thank you for coming to not only my informational but my emotional rescue. i fear that my baptism
    at sxswi may be by fire. the searchable schedule is a soothing balm.

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