Shadows coming to light

At last the place I’ve been working this summer is ready for its product to be blogged about. It’s called Shadows and you could say it’s another entry in the social bookmarking arena, but with some important additional features. Shadows not only supports tagging bookmarks for recall and discovery, but also creates a discussion space for every URL on the web. In a way it’s a bit reminiscent of the old Third Voice idea, but instead of an overlay of graffiti, Shadows adds a blog-like comments feature to any page on demand.

Shadows is in an early beta stage and there are a bunch of additional features in the pipeline — UI improvements, RSS feeds, tag clouds, a Flickr-like “friends” feature, an API. But the core functionality is up if you’d like to take a look:


My role includes some things I can’t blog about but I can say I’ve been doing interesting IA-ish work on helping define the feature set. I’ve also been recruiting and supporting a crew of beta testers. If you try it out and have comments or suggestions, by all means let me know.

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  1. Bug report for you to pass along: The “your account has been created” email was junked by, and possibly other clients as well. (Part of the problem is that it’s an HTML email, which is almost 100% correlated with spam for me. But I see why it’s an HTML message and not just plaintext with an account activation link: The activation link is ugly, containing a GUID and a bunch of extra stuff that could probably be cut out. After all, once you get that huge string of hex, don’t you already know my email address, and the fact that I’m registering with Shadows?)

    Anyway. Sorry for the rant. I’ll give it a try.

  2. Thanks for the bug report, Dan. I’ll pass it on to the developers.

    And for anybody else checking out Shadows — I should have said, send your questions and comments to me, no need to post them here. :-) For this project my address is “prentiss.riddle at pluck dot com”.

    Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t welcome a discussion of how Shadows fits into the social-tagging-and-commenting-osphere.

  3. Pluck, eh? Wow. I went through a phone interview with them while I was trying to escape RealVue in early 2004; they just weren’t far enough along in the process with me yet when I got the good offer from NetBotz.

  4. I second the motion for a discussion of Shadows in the social bookmarking sphere.
    At times, Shadows reminds me not just of ThirdVoice, but of old EQuill, a web app for annotating
    Web pages, then sharing those notes. Very nice, until MS bought them and turned the thing off.
    This resonance stems from the Shadow page idea.

    I wonder if Ubertags will follow a scale-free distribution.

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