Hello, world, my old friend

Why another blog? When I’ve already got Aprendiz de todo?

Well, I’m now in a transition, career-wise, education-wise, knowledge-wise. And I’m drawn to the model (which I associate with Ben Hammersley‘s blog while his RSS book was in development, although I’m sure he wasn’t the first) of learning in public. The idea that showing one’s ignorance, as long as it’s accompanied by curiosity and a willingness to learn, is more rewarding than keeping one’s cards close to the vest. Releasing oneself in beta, as it were.

So I’m going to try it in a blog. I’ll be showing my ignorance about IA, IR, KM, UE, UI, and GIS, among many other two- and three-letter acronyms. I’ll let my geek flag fly a little more than in my other blog.

My biggest worry is that I’ll set up two categories — fun stuff for that blog, boring serious stuff for this one. If that happens, or if the idea of learning in public becomes too embarrassing, don’t be surprised if this one disappears — and its Internet Archive mirror, too.

3 thoughts on “Hello, world, my old friend

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  2. As of this writing I haven’t settled on a name for this blog. Given that bit about IA, IR, KM, etc. I thought about “two-letter acronym”. But of course “two-letter acronym” isn’t self-referential, whereas three-letter acronym (TLA) is, a source of endless pedantic humor. Geeks leaving no stone unturned, though, there’s also a tradition of using TLA to mean two-letter acronym, just to yank the chain of those who expect everything to be self-referential.

    By the time you read this, hopefully I’ll have settled on a much better idea!

  3. Fascinating — before I announced this anywhere, except in one piece of e-mail to one friend, the comment spammers found me! Either they’re snooping e-mail or they’re snooping the referrer logs for one of the handful of sites I’ve visited via this page. Or, more likely I guess, they’re probing for a /blog page relative to every domain in sight.

    I guess my next task is to explore the many WordPress spam-blocking schemes out there.

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