UX vs. UE

From the time I first heard enough about user experience to need an acronym for it, I’d mostly heard it called “UX”.

Now, though, I’m around people who consistently call it “UE”.

Google says UX beats UE in the context of user experience by 141,000 to 58,000.

That in itself isn’t very interesting. What I really want to know is, is the choice of UX or UE revealing? Do all the cool kids call it UX? :-)

Eating one’s own UX

Lou Rosenfeld, who is taking the contrarian move of starting a publishing company devoted to user experience books, has raised the question of how to improve the UX of technical books.

Hallelujah! One of the chagrin-inducing aspects of my iSchool experience this year was being assigned to read a usability book that was itself unusable.

Perhaps once he gets this worked out for his own books he could create a niche doing UX consulting for the publishing industry…